Take foreign customers to conduct field visit


After the exhibition, three Indian customers contacted us through the exhibition and wanted to visit our company. At the beginning, we communicated on wechat to understand their basic needs. They need 1100 label paper coating machine and it’s better to take them to visit our previous customers’ label paper coating machine. In the face of the customer’s requirements, we try our best to meet their requirements. We contacted a previous customer nearby and negotiated with them to take the customer to visit the machine.

The next day after the exhibition, we took three Indian customers to visit our label paper coater. They were full of praise for our equipment and gave a thumbs up to the quality of our equipment.

After the field visit, we had a detailed discussion in the conference room. Through face-to-face communication, we have a better understanding of the products and requirements for the coating machine that the customer needs to do. After the customer left, we started to make a proposal offer.




Post time: Mar-18-2021